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Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
of the sting ray since the 197 0s. >> the ultimate inauguration your own social media butler. >> jeff: thousands in russia marched through the streets of moscow today to protest a new law that bands americans from adopting russian children. many carry post others of president putin with the word shame, written across it. >> today is the one-year anniversary of the costa concordia disaster when a cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy. victims were remembered even as the shell of the the capsized ship remained in the background today. allen pizzey was there. >> reporter: the day began with a somber and unusual event. relatives of the 32 people who died were taken out to the reeve where a tendon piece of the rock that tore up the costa concordia was lowered back down. it carried a plaque with the date of the accident and a latin inscription that reads "in eternal memory" as the ferry passed close to the costa concordia the mourners tossed wreaths into the sea. the ship's horn blasted 32 times and the wind and waves pushed the floral tributes towards the wreck. the children of vi
Jan 14, 2013 4:00am PST
, a driver, and a social media butler. what's a social media butler? >> it's a dedicated social media pro who's available to help record memories from the inauguration weekend. >> will you really do their tweets for them? >> i will. if they want to tell me what to tweet. >> reporter: victoria divine will do it all, twitter, facebook, instagram. >> afterward you can look back and see your adventures and your family and friends who aren't with you can follow along. >> reporter: so they can be jealous. >> real-time jealousy. >> reporter: in the spirit of a re-time high roller i decided to try it out. this is my tweet. my producer made me do it. here i am sitting at the bar in a hotel pretending i'm the very rich customer who bought this package, which includes a social media butlering and the bartender is going to offer me what? >> we have a couple of inaugural-inspired cocktails. death and taxes. >> social media butler, are you typing all of this. >> i'm typing as fast as i can. >> reporter: now i get to taste it and then i get to tell my social media butler how i
Jan 18, 2013 1:30am PST
comment. joe butler, rowena jen, her oshi. >> good afternoon, president fong, members of the commission, joe butler and i represent the friends of first st. john's united methodist church. as an architect in the city, we are pleased that the city has won its case in state court, and we would ask that the city continue defending the decisions of this panel in the federal court lawsuit as well. we think that the case that's before the city is important to other historic resources, including the one which is at question here. and we would hope that the city would continue in its efforts to secure, as it were, the ability of this planning commission to make decisions on replacement buildings without, which, as you know, no demolition permit can be issued. thank you very much@%(hk. commissioners. my name is rowena jen, adjacent neighbor to the east at 1600 larkin street, have been there since 1972. i was not very prepared for this meeting today because i heard from judge beerl that there would be no action until march. so i had to cancel an appointment to get here, but that's fine. but sinc
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
monuments. >> around the clock butler service. >> a view of pennsylvania avenue. >> this sour super bowl. >> and toasts. none of it has been enough to bring in the bucks like the first inauguration of president barack obama. >> people were through throwing their credit cards earlier than this time. >> hotels took a gamble. >> we had the access washington package. >> we had a package over the ultimate suite. >> the high-priced packages over the long inauguration weekend. >> it was $100,000. >> this was $2.7 million. >> inaugural tea cards, a butler with colognes worn by past presidents. but your own inaugural ball? >> unfortunately we did not sell it. >> we changed our strategy a little bit. >> most of them have. they are selling $40,000 suites. >> it with s a response to the this year's inauguration compared to last time. >> unlike last time, not one of them is sold out. so at the last minute hotels are trying to sell out, breaking down these large packages into more bite-size pieces. >> all right thank you. doug has a >> former new orleans mayor is ind
Jan 6, 2013 11:30am EST
what he wants done is an enslaved butler. so from the beginning to the end his life was intertwined with slavery. my point is, we can condemn him. we should. it's not an indictment. it's a conviction. there's no jury to still be out on jefferson and slavery, but it did take us 600 years after he died to have a civil war to adjudicate slavery's future in the united states. and then it took another hundred years for us to get a voting rights act. so before we are too self-righteous about thomas jefferson, i think we need to watch what everybody -- what many, many americans have been guilty of and kpli sit in. >> talk about how you got to know jefferson. literally in montecello and what made him tick. >> going there is the closest we're ever going to get to having a conversation with jefferson. he always said he woke up as soon as the rays of light began to make out the hands of the clock over his bed. and i wanted to see if that were true. i wanted to hear the clocks. and it was so important to him. so they were kind enough for me to go look at what historians call material culture. s
Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm CST
games with a hamstring injury, but jimmy butler still played well back in his reserve role. deng scored 12 points against the bobcats. bulls up a point in the third. butler finds joakim noah in the lane for a lay-up and the foul. noah with 13 points and 18 rebounds. up six in the fourth. butler somehow comes up with the rebound and hits a behind the back layup. he scored a career high 19 points off the bench. still up late in the game. nate robinson to carlos boozer for a driving dunk with his left hand. he added 13 points and the bulls had five players in double figures. bulls win 93-85. that's four straight at home. former bears safety chris harris is returning to the team. as a coach. harris announced his retirement on twitter over the weekend, and now he'll be the bears defensive quality control assistant. he was an all- pro in 2010, and played for the bears new defensive coordinator, mel tucker, in jacksonville. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tr
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
you why the great british butler is making a great come back coming up on cbs "this morning." thank you, steven. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lifestyle lift. find out how you can light up your life. ur life. >>> we reported yesterday on a study showing one out of four americans is using 401(k) retirement money to pay for current expenses. most advisers will tell you that borrowing from your future is a risky move. jill schlesinger is an editor at large from "cbs moneywatch." jill how are people borrowing from their 401(k)? >> everyplace plan exclusively has a provision where you can create a loan. you lend yourself your own money. there is usually a limitation maybe 50% of the account value up to $50,000. here's what happens. let's say you had $20,000 in your account. you borough $10,000. that $10,000 is not working for you. that's important. and the money that remains in there keeps growing, no problem. you have to repay that loan through payroll deduction. you have five years to do it. there is one huge risk with a loan. that is
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm PST
"," is tricia rose and anthea butler author of the article, does "django unchained" get the history of slavery right? >> is it fair to criticize a film that one hasn't yet seen? >> there are many ways to criticize a film. first of all i think spike lee should be credited enough with the fact that he knows enough about cinema and quentin tarantino to figure it out. he probably read the screen play which is what tavis smiley did your previous guest and a friend of mine whose position i completely respect and admire. we have to hold sometimes very principled positions based on a variety of factors. i don't think it's the only way to challenge the situation. i, in fact did see the movie and i think others should see it so that we can develop some media literacy and critical language about what these preparations mean, what is historyically accurate and what isn't. that's a position to be taken without a doubt. >> john: anthea butler is the "n" word overused in this film or is it historyically accurate? >> can you put a name count on the n-word being used in the movie? compared to the way it was us
FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 3:00pm PST
. they report from western pennsylvania tonight that no one is laughing there. >> butler county pennsylvania, north of pittsburgh, after 27 were left dead at connecticut school, the rural steel town has armed state troopers guarding the 14 public schools. >> the first reaction is to keep the kids at school safe. it's a sad reality we need to think of that. we need to provide the support we need to try to avoid this. as much as we can. >> butler had approved armed security before the last month slaughter in connecticut and accelerated it afterwards. >> whether we're right or wrong, whether he the whatever it takes to protect the children. >> one in five pennsylvania school districts approved armed guards. similar to nationwide. some are considering whether to arm teachers, too. any weapon in a school could create new risks. >> until i see more evidence that we have a risk going on with people bringing weapons in, metal detackbors can't take care of i'm not ready to put guns in the schools. >> nationwide, 99% of schools require visitors to check in. others monitor or lock doors. they have happ
Jan 18, 2013 8:00am PST
it as -- as a level playing field. >> paul butler is a professor at georgetown law and a former federal prosecutor and a white collar defense attorney. wow, professor butler, where do i begin? all i could think of was how many people across the country were taking sides on how they felt about lance armstrong and how many lawyers were cringing thinking i would not want to be counsel for him right now? >> well, you know, people are saying, why would he do this, what was he thinking? and lawyers are the first people to be wondering what was he thinking? you know, he probably isn't going to do any jail time. he's not going to get locked up for what he said on oprah, but is he going to be liable for tens of millions of dollars in civil lawsuits, you bet you. >> i knew it. i knew you were going there right away, professor, so here's what i'd like to do. i want to run a commercial break. i want to come back, and i'm going to play for you a couple of very specific things that he said that the layperson might think just sounded like commentary. but the lawyer or the law professor would say, aha, they got h
Jan 20, 2013 3:00am PST
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FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
. move within plans of the massacre. carl cammeron in butler, pennsylvania tonight. how has the community acted there, carl? >> well, it was as you said already on the agenda before the sandy hook massacre. the iraq reaction afterward positive. 500 school districts in pennsylvania. about 100 of them have some sort of armed guard or police security already there has been there has been limited amount of opposition. we spoke to the mayor about the entirety of the program yesterday, listen. >> i believe there was only maybe one family that felt that that was the wrong decision. the others certainly agreed with that. butler school district has over 8,000 students. so, i think they feel confident that, you know, that butler is taking the steps to protect the children as much as that is humanly possible. there is obviously a big emphasis on this. more schools will likely undertake it and of course in the heat of all of this discussion about gun legislation the security of the kids is primary. they think this is the leading trend, something that the national rifle association had proposed but wa
Jan 24, 2013 9:00am PST
to think education is a thing like a vaccine that can be designed from afar, but as the irish butler yates said, education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. this year, as you consider new education laws, consider the principle of subsidiarity. the idea that a central authority should perform tasks that cannot be performed at a more immediate or local level. higher or more remote levels of government like the state should render assistance to local school districts, but always respect their primary jurisdiction and the dignity and the freedom of teachers and students. subsidiarity is offended when distant authorities prescribe in minute detail what is taught, how it is taught and how it is to be measured. i prefer to trust our teachers in the classroom each day doing the real work. lighting fires in young minds. [ applause ] my 2013 budget lays out the case for cutting categorical programs and putting maximum authority and discretion back at the local level with school boards and that's due to approve a brand new local control formula, distributing supplemental funds
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am EST
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Jan 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
. they travel to portland to face the blazers. roosevelt jones puts up the shot. butler wynn said. -- wins it. bring on the fence. -- fans. here they come. baltimore manager earl weaver died. earl was intense, good natured and a baseball legend. >> a wonderful tribute, but >> today was a treat. do not be deceived. tomorrow, and temperatures around 40 degrees. tuesday are wednesday, florida looking really good. temperatures only in the 20's, nighttime lows in the team'sthe teens. middle 30's on friday. chance for a wintry mix. tomorrow afternoon from 12:00 to 3:00 the second cold front will move through. don't be surprised if there is snow showers and a light dusting of snow. crux of the inaugural
FOX News
Jan 16, 2013 2:00am PST
in butler, pennsylvania with those details. >> good morning. there are 500 school districts and in about 100 of them or already have been or are implementing plans for armed guards or security officers. in butler they approved the security breech before the shooting a month ago. because of this they accelerated it. they have to go through a very aggressive certification on weapons capabilities. most support it. here is the mayor. >> the first reaction is to keep the kids at school safe. it's a sad reality that we need to think about that. we need to look at all of the things that come together and provide the sort of support we need to try to avoid this as much as we can. >> lots of school districts around the country are considering whether to add armed security. some are concerned adding w weapons only increase the risk. >> until i know there is something metal detectors can't take care of i am not ready to put guns in our schools. >> there are 100,000 school districts across the country and more than 10,000 of them have had or are implementing plans for armed security guards or police off
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
. they beat lmu. >>> butler with the steal. >> i can't believe it! i can't believe it! >> jones with the buzzer beater. butler upsets no. 8 gonzaga. >>> there's jonathan, the rebound. the defending stanley cup champs. so, what if colin kaepernick is leading the 49ers on a game- winning drive at 3:00? you change the channel, or do you keep the channel on the 49er game? >> you're putting me on the spot right now. i will be here at work doing my weather work. >> roberta has many televisions. >>> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025 we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. what's truly amazing about mercede
Jan 4, 2013 12:00am PST
want to start by asking me to tell me about steve butler. >> well, steve butler's the character i play in "promised land," and i wanted to write something -- john krasinski and i talked about the characters that i loved watching when i was younger, those kazan characters, with the protagonist with that streak of self- loathing and internal conflict. steve's somebody who at the beginning of the movie sees himself as a realist. he works for this company. he goes and he's what you call a "land man." these guys go in and they lease land for natural gas drilling. talking to some of these land men, times are pretty tough out in these rural areas, so they go in there with all these promises of what can happen, and they're injecting money in these local communities. oftentimes, they're giving a lifeline to a farm that might be about to go under. so in steve's mind, he grew up in a farming town with the industry, the factory closed down and the town was all hollowed out. so in his mind he's helping them hold on to a way of life. then the story happens and he was kind of at a different place by
FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am PST
, whether it's armed police and/or guards. here in butler they had passed a plan to implement armed guards in the schools. retired state troopers about to pass a very strict course with their firearms. because of the sandy hook massacre they accelerated it and it has been well received by the community. one family apparently complained but the vast majority have been very, very positive about it. we talked to the mayor yesterday. here is what the democratic mayor of butler had to say about the implementation. >> the first reaction is to keep the kids at school safe, it's a sad reality that we need to think about that. but, you know, there is really no room to leave a door open where there could be a problem. >> reporter: and so as we say there is a tremendous amount of very strict requirements for these state troopers. there are 14 schools here in butler, all of them now have armed, former state troopers as part of the school community. and you can see as they wander around it looks like any other security guard. they treat it much like a teacher or staffer, waiving to the kids talking abo
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
it up as big as 26. richard hamilton to butler. 107-83 and the warriors in treeing tomorrow face monty ellis and the bucks. a great scene in miami. a fan makes a hook shot at half court at half time. they went look ut on it is -- look out it is lebron. the shot is great, but the reaction is even better. lebron james was so excited for this guy. he came swooping in and enveloped him with a bear hug. who is your new best friend? it is lebron james. you just won $75,000. 245 is good stuff. abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. yes, lebron offering free chiropractic care. >> it looked like his knees were going to buckle. what a shot. very cool. >>> automobiles take flight. we will show you the new car that is turning science fiction into reality. >>> it is time now for a look at wake up weather. early tomorrow morning 5:00 or so we will have partly to mainly qlowdy skies. sunrise at 7:18. it will be cool and the day looks like it will be a nice one. the skies will become sunnier as the day goes on. enjoy. carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. it may seem like science fiction, but f
Jan 26, 2013 12:00am PST
, but my favorite: world wide happens to be the irish poet william butler yeats, and they are lines many of us learn in school and then forget. he say the worst are full of passionate intensity. we need that passionate intensity on our side, on the side of the children, and i beg the president to summon the courage and audacity to give us the prophetic voice. if he does not, it will be a terrible betrayal of his growth. he will miss the opportunity to leave behind a legacy. tavis: we are clearly headed to a real debate about austerity. i do not believe austerity is the answer. some do. there will be a debate in coming weeks, but talk to me about this notion of compassion. there was this movement eight, 12 years ago to present that as an alternative, compassionate alternative. what happened? >> i think jack kemp was trying to genuinely develop a real understanding of how do breakthrough in housing and jobs. if the football quarterback had showered -- had a deep commitment to every human being he had ever met. his heart was big, and he did love everybody to the. sometimes of driving you cr
Jan 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
neighborhoods. also attached to the handout are two pages of e-mail from -- butler, and details some of the violations. so thank you for your consideration and i hope that the cu for this project will not be allowed to expire or get a new cu be allowed to be heard before the one year period as required by the city code. thank you. >> president fong: thank you. any additional public comment? >> hello. dawn trenner. good afternoon, president fong, congratulations and commissioners. i'm kind of surprised to be here today. i didn't really have this on my schedule for too long, didn't know that this was going to be a talking point for today. but i just wanted to let you know that the -- association continues to work very hard on this, very important and very difficult project in our neighborhood. we have been and we continue to reach out to the neighbors to understand what it is that the neighbors, and our members want, and that is what we will -- the information will gather and present to you at the time we're told to present it to you. and i know that that's very controversial. we've ad
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
preached a simple butler revolutionary -- a simple but revolutionary concept of the whole community. the government can't and should not shoulder theç entire challenge ofçç responseç, recovery, and prepared this. prior to theirç administration, nobody would really say that out loud. we became an agency trying to be everything to everybody at the worst possible time for all of us. it is their leadership and tenacity to hone in one this one psychological culture shift in speaking about earthquakes that is a real seismic shift in the way we look at things. we are honored to have him here for a few minutes today. the deputy administrator. [applause] ç>> good morning. it is truly a pleasure to be back here in san francisco. i was here a few months ago for the anniversary of theç loma pr ieto earthquake. in talking to a lot of folks and listening to the mayor, the mayor getsç it. i come from the city in the çnortheast. i spent a little bit of time in boston. i had a career before i came to fema to 0.5 years ago. boston and san francisco are similar in many ways. you have
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
police office personnel. butler adams from chicago is here in 2009. all this is a part of the post- 9/11 world. >> something that may happen to the president, people in the city in general. >> within a not duration crowd of 500,000 to 700,000 people, everything will remain open. >> most countries -- went to the olympics this year, same situation. correct on monday, and airspace around the district will be closed. no river traffic on the potomac. >> i am not surprised that you have security. >> some might wish this distinguished occasion could be more open. pre-9/11, if you wilpening. >> i do appreciate all the security. >> all of that additional security comes at a price, time. it will take you longer to get where you need to go. the best advice i am hearing is to get here early. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> good advice there. it is not just about the preparations, it is also about the parties. there are lots of them. rebecca cooper joins us live with more on tonight's's festivities. rebecca? >> good evening from the reynolds center for american art. as you can hear, they are party
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
heading in to baltimore county, butler, be seeing this around mission ridge this morning, phoenix and hunt valley, towards cecil county, we are dealing with snow across the yeah. don't be surprised if you are getting sleet mixing in. this is the scenario all morning longs we are to get through the remainder of the morning houses later on, we will deal with plain rain, caughtsey of cold air that's in place, you have the warmer air, riding along that. temperatures are on the cold side once again. 24-25 for this time of the year. temperatures really depicting where you are getting the snow or is sleet or the rain. 27 degrees now in west friendsship and westminsters 31 annapolis, huntingtown, centerville 33. federalsburg 32. this is happening through the rest of today, future trend will begin to dryout nicely by tomorrow, talking about more partly sunny but drier. today, we will get a break, we could be seeing rain showers in the picture as we deal with you commute home. a bad commute goings it could be a dicey commute back home for today. this is what it looks like for the planner, a high
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm CST
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Jan 21, 2013 6:00am EST
. day as well. the reverend sandra butler is an african-american historian and the owner of the gallery on u street right here in d.c. >> thank you for getting up early this morning. you've been with us here in the freezing cold temps for a long time now. you're very dedicated to being our guest. we appreciate that so much. >> that's because i love you. >> we love you, too. your gallery focuses on the strug of black americans through the sif rights era and -- the civil rights era and how special a day is this inauguration that it's falling on the official day of martin luther king. >> god must have preplanned that. i didn't get it at first. then all of a sudden i said it's dr. king's birthday, the day we're going to celebrate. so it's been a wonderful day. i had the opportunity to post a lot of pictures of obama and dr. king on my website and do some things, have conversations with people about the struggle as well as how did -- or how they feel about obama becoming president and how they feel about him winning a second time around. >> what are you hearing? >> people are really, really
FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 8:00am PST
. the butler school district in western pennsylvania is hardly alone when it comes to having an armed security presence on school grounds. again they are carrying out plans they made in the past. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live from butler, pennsylvania with more. how is the community reacting to these proposed plans. >> reporter: really quite positively. when you consider the president will unveil his proposals tomorrow likely to be a legislative attempt to ban military-style or what really amount to semi-automatic rifles that is a piece of legislation sponsored by california democrat dianne feinstein in the senate, as well as the attempt to restrict the size of high capacity ammo magazines, that would have to likely be legislation. we know there will be 19 separate executive orders that joe biden the vice president has proposed to the president and he'll be culling through those and unveiling those. one thing to be discussed is armed security in public schools. here at this elementary school they have them underway. in fact the idea the notion to do it at the 14 schools in
Jan 21, 2013 8:30am EST
of the united states. >> host: where did their lives begin in kansas? >> guest: well, in a county called butler county is where obama's grandmother grew up and grandfather. madeleine payne and stanley dunham, but i start the story in topeka which is the state capital because stanley's parents lived there for a short time. his father, the president's great grandfather, was an auto repairman up there, and the great grandmother, ruth armor dunham, was -- got married at age 15, had a very difficult marriage, and the book begins with her suicide in toe topeka. and then young stanley, the president's grandfather, comes back to el dorado in butler county, and that's where he meets the grandmother and where the story begins. it wouldn't have happened without that suicide. >> host: well, we want to show you just a little video montage shot by your wife linda on your trip to kansas in april 2009. >> guest: we're driving down kansas route 177 through the heart of the foothills of kansas. we're heading for north central kansas and then south central kansas. >> and the tiny town of el dorado. >> where barac
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
butler smacks into richardson's head. he still makes the call. is butler in the dog house? no, richardson is a good sport, gets right back up and laughed it off. we're in finland atop the helsinki olympic tower, and we're sinking record-breaking shots. count it from 238 1/2 feet away, that's almost 80 yards. in japan, this man bringing new meaning to stumbling out of the gate. he slips off the bar and slides and slides and slides down the ramp. all the way to the bottom. ouch. this is no slacker's tournament either. comes at the ski jumping world cup. unfortunately, he was not allowed to jump again. the good news, he did not suffer one injury. well, except for a bruised ego. and finally, from down the slopes to down under. serves gone wild. australian open quarter finalist launches her serve into the stands. fans take cover, we think this one should count as a double fault. she would regroup to win the match. as for her serving snafu. >> i want to have good communication with the fans. >> what we have here is a failure to communicate. but in case you missed it, you have now seen it all. >
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Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
offers of $47,000 package for the inauguration that includes your own private social media butler. they will follow you around and post to any social media sites. trans 16. >> a look at how bored i am at the inauguration. >> if you spend $47,000 to go to washington d.c. the new should not go to the campaign. melissa: we have to go. the wallace report is next. gerri: vice president joe biden says the white house could go after guns by executive order. and ed new warning from aarp with social security and medicare. will they be held hostage? welcome to the well as report. ♪ gerri: hello. i and gerri willis. every night we show the waste and fraud of capitol hill and the abuse and over reach of government tonight we have a doozy imagine if you came home to a letter in the mailbox saying you are in violation of city code. get rid of the vegetable garden or pay a massive fine. my purse to gas say orlando city officials told them that are faced a fine of $500 per day. here is their story. jason, what happened in a nutshell? >> first of all thank you for having us. but we started a fro
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Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm EST
detectors are commonplace and have been here at butler for years as well. 30% are dissatisfied with current gun laws, a 15-point jump year ago. if you research poll says 51% think it is more important to control gun ownership, 45% it's more important to protect gun rights. maryland governor martin o'malley wants to add fingerprinting and background checks. and mandatory gun safety courses for gun purchasers. >> will do everything we can to protect them from the horrors of gun violence. reporter: in recent weeks barbara boxer, the california senator and noted liberal gun-control advocate has embraced the idea of armed security in schools and even suggested to vice president joe biden that i be part of his proposals. lou: the number of schools in this country that had been employed protectors for our children. >> it is particularly interesting that the national rifle association says it is not at all uncommon placed. lou: karl cameron come in chief political correspondent. joining us now is lis wiehl and jean zimmerman. much of the northeastern, if you will political note media elite have lit
Jan 15, 2013 4:00am PST
outscored the starters, 54-45. fourth quarter, caron butler. three of his nine points in the contest. clippers by 19. and later, eric bledsoe would join the party. easy bucket for him. 14 points for him in the contest. clippers win, 99-73. >>> lebron james' 50 points from 20,000 in his career, as the heat take on the jazz. second quarter, james' no-good jam. the jazz get the ball. but they turn it right over. and james, another chance. slams it home. he had 32 points in the game. he needed to apologize to the fans. a little too tough. fourth quarter, ray allen. he's hit a couple threes in his day. ten points for him off the bench. miami down seven. under a minute to go, now. gordon haywood, getting the jumper to go. off the bench. jazz with the win, 104-97. >>> that is your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a great day. >>> now, to a rather direct style of fishing. no pole or net required. >> all this daring fisherman had was a little bait in his hand, yeah. boom. right there. the fish, a tarpin grabbed hold. and it's believed that the guy wanted to get the fish in a wres
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
. basketball jones more like it. butler's field house, panned pandemonium. >> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. general manager brian sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest as i always am. i don't think brian wilson will return. sackan at a reception for the historical society. >>> bad news to pass long. one of the greatest hurts, stan the man musial passed away. the hall of famers won seven national league batting titles, a three-time mvp and helped the st. louis cardinals capture three world series. had 3,000 of hundred 30 hits. 1,815 on the road and 1,000 hundred 15 at home. earl weaver, also passed away today while aboard a cruise ship. weaver was 82 years old. >>> sharks are back on the ice in calgary. puck drops at 3:00. today, their final practice on sharks ice before hopping the team plane. san jose hoping to add new blood. they're in talks with scott gomez. he has 686 career points. could provide depth for the sharks offense. kings and blackhawks. kings hosting their championship banner but the party didn't last long. hawks, chicago, three go
Jan 20, 2013 2:00am PST
pass stolen by jones? oh. basketball jones more like it. butler's field house, panned pandemonium. >> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. general manager brian sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest as i always am. i don't think brian wilson will return. sackan at a reception for the historical society. >>> bad news to pass long. one of the greatest hurts, stan the man musial passed away. the hall of famers won seven national league batting titles, a three-time mvp and helped the st. louis cardinals capture three world series. had 3,000 of hundred 30 hits. 1,815 on the road and 1,000 hundred 15 at home. earl weaver, also passed away today while aboard a cruise ship. weaver was 82 years old. >>> sharks are back on the ice in calgary. puck drops at 3:00. today, their final practice on sharks ice before hopping the team plane. san jose hoping to add new blood. they're in talks with scott gomez. he has 686 career points. could provide depth for the sharks offense. kings and blackhawks. kings hosting their championship banner but the party didn't
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